Timing of Training dependent on Covid-19 restrictions

January 18th, 2021 by pstsola

The build is finished and we are now organizing for the major pieces of equipment to be delivered; likely about April 2021. As mentioned in previous posts, we do however have the training still outstanding. This is a critical item and, in fact, now sets the timeline. This training involves local people as well as those from interstate and overseas meeting together in relatively large groups. With the major uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 restrictions we have hesitated to make any formal plans for this. If we start to organize the training and we have to change the plans at the last minute because of restrictions, it will cause great inconvenience to those involved and be quite costly. Until we have some certainty around the Covid-19 restrictions we do not plan to initiate this training. As things become clearer, we will continue to update on this.

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