Southern Cryonics/CryoPath first suspension

May 21st, 2024 by pstsola

We are pleased to announce that Southern Cryonics (SC) and CryoPath successfully completed their first cryonics suspension with Patient 1 from May 12-17, 2024.

After learning of Patient 1’s deteriorating condition, we swiftly responded to his passing on May 12 in Sydney. Thanks to the quick action of our team, including Phil Rhoades, Australian Blood Management (ABM), and the cooperation of hospital staff, we promptly began the suspension process. Patient 1 was transferred from the hospital’s cooling room to A. O’Hare funeral home, packed in ice. We appreciate the funeral director’s immediate support.

ABM’s team, consisting of 4 to 6 members including clinical perfusionists and a doctor, worked tirelessly for 10 hours, following stabilization and vitrification perfusion protocols using the latest ECMO technology. The patient was securely wrapped in a special sleeping bag that stays intact in liquid nitrogen. Patient 1 was then cooled to dry ice temperature and transported to our Holbrook facility.

At the facility, Patient 1 was gradually brought to liquid nitrogen temperatures in SC’s computer-controlled cooling chamber and then transferred to a Dewar. Phil Rhoades led the effort with support from Joe Allen, Neil Britt, and our friends from Scribble Films. The entire process was completed on May 17.

The protocols, developed with Aaron Drake of Arizona Medical Science, were followed meticulously. This successful operation was a true team effort, demonstrating exceptional dedication and professionalism. We are immensely proud of this achievement.

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