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Getting close

Quite a bit has happened at the facility, but it is more of the order of housekeeping, assembling equipment and training.  These are many minor items so I have postponed updating our status until now.  The one major item still delaying us is the safety equipment we need for liquid nitrogen deliveries.  We are hoping […]

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What is our status?

We are getting close to opening the facility.  The major equipment is in place and we are starting to look like a cryonics facility.   Only a few minor but important items to finalize.  These are small compared to what has been achieved so far, but unfortunately the timing is a little beyond our control […]

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Ask Us Anything audio

We had a good response to our Ask Us Anything online meeting on Sunday 27 February 2022, which lasted about 90 minutes. Basically, it was questions and answers with no visual material presented. To get something out quickly we are linking to the raw audio narrative for now. The video will come out later when […]

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Ask Us Anything Meeting

We are approaching the Southern Cryonics start up soon so we thought it may be a good time to hold a Zoom Ask Us Anything meeting to discuss Cryonics.  Participating will be Philip Rhoades, Executive Officer of Cryonics Association of Australasia and Executive Director of Neural Archives Foundation and, myself, Peter Tsolakides, Chairman and Director […]

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