The Project

Southern Cryonics Facility rendering

Architect’s concept rendering of the Southern Cryonics facility

Southern Cryonics is a non-profit organisation formed to build and operate Australia’s first cryonic storage facility.

Mission Statement

  • To promote and make widely available scientifically-based cryogenic suspension as a credible option for life extension.
  • Provide a professional ‘one stop’ service to make cryogenic suspension affordable and readily available in Australia
  • Create a positive consumer awareness for scientifically-based cryogenic suspension
  • Promote scientific research into cryogenic suspension, revival, and life extension

Area Serviced

Southern Cryonics will operate throughout all states and territories of Australia including Tasmania.


  • Incorporated as not-for-profit company in NSW on 15 May 2012, as Stasis Systems Australia
  • Gathered a group of ten initial investors
  • Searched for a suitable site to build the facility
  • Decided to operate the facility under the name “Southern Cryonics”
  • Bought land in Holbrook, a regional NSW town, in May 2016
  • Developed detailed construction plans and sought quotes in Q1 2017
  • The quotes were significantly more expensive than our best advice predicted
  • Reassessed requirements in 2017 and developed revised plans
  • Implemented in 2018 standby (at hospital bed in Australia) and transportation to US facilities or Southern Cryonics (when opened) through sister organisation CryoPath
  • Through 2018 worked on updated Plan to ensure we have viable facility
  • Planned for 2019 to increase membership from current 12 to 16 before start major work
  • As of February 2020 have 27 Founding Members, up from 12 in late 2018
  • Now initiating major work with completion planned in 2020

If you would like to be part of this venture please get involved, and if you would like more information, contact us.