The Project

Southern Cryonics Facility rendering

Architect’s concept rendering of the Southern Cryonics facility

Southern Cryonics is a non-profit organisation formed to build and operate Australia’s first cryonic storage facility.

Mission Statement

  • To promote and make widely available scientifically-based cryogenic suspension as a credible option for life extension.
  • Provide a professional ‘one stop’ service to make cryogenic suspension affordable and readily available in Australia
  • Create a positive consumer awareness for scientifically-based cryogenic suspension
  • Promote scientific research into cryogenic suspension, revival, and life extension

Area Serviced

Southern Cryonics will operate throughout all states and territories of Australia including Tasmania.


  • Incorporated as not-for-profit company in NSW on 15 May 2012, as Stasis Systems Australia
  • Gathered a group of ten initial investors
  • Searched for a suitable site to build the facility
  • Decided to operate the facility under the name “Southern Cryonics”
  • Bought land in Holbrook, a regional NSW town, in May 2016
  • Developed detailed construction plans and sought quotes in Q1 2017
  • The quotes were significantly more expensive than our best advice predicted
  • Reassessed requirements in 2017 and developed revised plans
  • Implemented in 2018 standby (at hospital bed in Australia) and transportation to US facilities or Southern Cryonics (when opened) through sister organisation CryoPath
  • Through 2018 worked on updated Plan to ensure we have viable facility
  • Planned for 2019 to increase membership from current 12 to 16 before start major work
  • As of February 2020 have 27 Founding Members, up from 12 in late 2018
  • Facility built in early 2020
  • As of 2022 had 35 Founding and Full memberships.  Founding and Full Memberships closed off in later 2022
  • Facility equipped during 2020 to 2022, although many delays due to Covid related issues
  • Facility soft opening in early February 2023
  • Now accepting Subscribers/Associate Members
  • Officially opened March 1, 2024
  • First patient May 12, 2024

If you would like to be part of this venture please get involved, and if you would like more information, contact us.