The Team

Peter Tsolakides (Founder, Director and Chairman)

Peter became interested in cryonics after reading Robert Ettinger’s book The Prospect of Immortality in late 60s. He thought by now cryonics would be widely available, but this is sadly not the case. He has degrees in Science (chemistry) and Business Administration.

Peter worked in the marketing organization of a major international oil company for over 30 years, with 24 years of overseas assignments including Thailand, Singapore, Japan and the US, where he held progressively more senior management roles. His main career path has been in strategic planning, project development planning and major project implementation management. Before leaving to progress his own business activities in 2008, Peter managed a gate-keeping team of high level executives in the US that vetted global capital projects totalling one billion dollars and other projects (e.g. divestments) valued at a further billion.

Since then, Peter has owned and managed a private consulting firm. He is currently progressing his own projects to make cryonics more accessible and widespread.

George Tsolakides (Founder and Director)

George, is a mechanical engineer who has held a wide range of positions, including management. He has been a Director in several organisations mainly involved with corporate recruitment. George is now retired and has worked in non profit organisations using his recruitment background to assist less fortunate people find suitable employment. He is also a Founder and Director of our sister cryonics organisation, CryoPath, who are involved in standby, preparation and transportation of cryonics patients from the hospital bed to a facility in the US or in Australia (when Southern Cryonics is operating).

Roy Edmond (Founder, Director and Secretary)

Roy has worked in a variety of organisations and has a financial background. He has held managerial and Director positions. He also has some construction industry experience in his present position. Roy has a strong interest in cryonics and was one of the original Founding members in our organisation. He has shown his strong commitment to the project by also signing on his mother as a Founding Member.