Closing off Full Membership on 6 July 2021

March 17th, 2021 by pstsola

Since we are now getting close to opening the facility we plan to close off Full Memberships on 6 July 2021.  Full Membership is a payment of Aust$70,000.  For this amount, a Full Member is entitled to a free suspension at the facility for themselves OR for any person they nominate.    After this cut-off date we will only be accepting subscribers/associate members after the facility is operating with a cost for a suspension at the facility of $150,000, payable at the time for the suspension.  As well there is a subscription/associate membership fee of $350 payable yearly up to the time of suspension.  The $150,000 is usually covered by life insurance, if you are insurable.   If you are not insurable or your life insurance is very expensive,  you may wish to consider the $70K Full Membership which, even if  financed, is cheaper than life insurance at an advanced age. 

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