Closing off Founding Memberships 31 March 2020

January 24th, 2020 by pstsola

As we had previously indicated with the facility build now commencing we now plan to close off the Founding Memberships offer on 31 March 2020. After this we will only accept Full Memberships, which will require a payment of $70K vs the $50K for Founding Members. Full Memberships will be available only until the facility is operating. Founding and Full Memberships entitle the Member to one free suspension for themselves or anyone of their choice.

Even if you are not interested in Founding or Full Memberships, we welcome your continued interest in our activities and perhaps you may consider joining us as client members after the facility is operating, at which point the cost of a suspension is currently set at $150,000, but payable at the time of the actual suspension.

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