What is our status?

March 28th, 2022 by pstsola

We are getting close to opening the facility.  The major equipment is in place and we are starting to look like a cryonics facility.   Only a few minor but important items to finalize.  These are small compared to what has been achieved so far, but unfortunately the timing is a little beyond our control . For instance, an upgraded piece of sophisticated electronic equipment for the cooling chamber needs replacing and is specially made and sourced from overseas.   Also, putting together the equipment to handle standby to perfusion has hit conflicts with medical equipment needed for Covid.  Covid requirements, of course, get priority.  Additionally, while we have the large liquid nitrogen tank in place, we are waiting to get approval that we have met some safety requirements before we obtain liquid nitrogen deliveries.  

Since we can now see the finish line, we are considering accepting subscriber/members soon. Subscriber/members are assisted with all the requirements in obtaining a Cryonics Suspension Agreement with Southern Cryonics and priority for storage at the facility.  We’ll provide more information when a final decision has been made on this.

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May 10, 2022 at 8:58 pm, Gary Vukcevic said:

What is the process you use to freeze your client ? Do you know of any research being conducted to awaken said clients ?


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