Training Planned for January

December 18th, 2021 by pstsola

Training, the final major requirement before start up is now scheduled for January.  We have had preliminary discussions with the key people involved in the Standby, Stabilization, and Perfusion training and are now planning to hold a training session for the professional people involved about mid January 2022.  We will be able to do it via Zoom teleconference.   That way we hope to minimize any further Covid delay issues.  All involved are high level professionals (doctors, perfusionists, nurses, funeral directors etc) so they already know the medical/physiological requirements.  What we need to do during the training is just make sure everyone understands what is needed for cryonics. i.e. cryonics specific procedures.  In talking to all sides, we now understand that it will be quite easy to handle the training this way because of the high capabilities of everyone involved.   Also, we understand that we will be able to offer the latest techniques, including ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), which is essentially heart/lung oxygenation of the brain to sustain the brain from deterioration after legal death.   

Additionally, we will have the capability to do the perfusion very quickly after legal death.  This could be at the hospital (if allowed) or in the transport vehicle to the nearby/local funeral home or at a nearby/local funeral home.  

Our service providers (Australian Blood Management), through CryoPath, are very professional, knowledgeable, and have a wide range of experience and equipment.  Using ECMO from about the hospital bed time, then doing the perfusion so quickly after, is thought to essentially eliminate any damage to the brain, which is the biggest risk area using previous techniques.  After this, at dry ice temperatures, we will have ample time to transfer to the facility and bring to liquid nitrogen temperatures.  In discussing with the professionals overseas, we believe we will have leading edge capability.

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