Year: 2021

End of year start up possible

We added 5 Full Members taking our total Founding and Full Membership to 32. All the major equipment should be delivered in the next few months.  We will be buying the minor equipment locally as we progress. We have been in contact with the overseas trainers for the professional training.  As we have mentioned previously, […]

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Recent podcast

This may be of interest to you. It was a long podcast I did with a US cryonics podcast group. Some is background to the organization and project status and some is personal thoughts and speculations. You can find it on their website at…/8416368-peter…

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Status update

As you may know from other communications, the opening of the facility was delayed due to postponing the critical hands-on training because of Covid 19 restrictions.   The 3 major pieces of equipment (2 from overseas) are being ordered so as to arrive about mid-year.  Many other smaller pieces of equipment need to be purchased […]

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