Month: October 2023

Cryonics and Southern Cryonics

Here is another AI generated video. The prompt was “What is cryonics and what is Southern Cryonics role in Cryonics?”..The AI developed the script, structured the video, did the voice over, found clips and added some background music. All in 5 minutes. I really like the comment “the future is cooler than you think”. Have […]

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Global AMA (Ask Me Anything)

In celebration of The Cryosphere Discord Server’s 1,000-member milestone, they are hosting a very special online event: “Join us on Discord for an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) with some of the leading experts in the cryonics industry. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 29th, 5AM AEDT (UTC+11) in Sydney, Australia. Joining us will be […]

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An AI’s viewpoint

There is an online AI application that creates a YouTube video if you provide it with a task. I asked “Give me 5 reasons why people should consider Cryonics”. The AI developed the structure, wrote the narrative, provided the voice over, found suitable video clips and added some background music. And, 5 minutes later…

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