Southern Cryonics

The first cryonics facility in the Southern Hemisphere, opened February 2023

Cryonics is the best option left when medicine can no longer help.

Cryonics patients are stored at very low temperature until medical science advances enough to be able to heal them, however long that takes, and they can resume their lives.

Steps in joining

  1. The first step is to become a subscriber/associate member of Southern Cryonics.  This will be a simple membership form, and a cost of $350 / year. 
  2. This second step is the big one.  Complete the agreement for future suspension.  The cost of a suspension is $150,000. Also obtain life insurance or organize other payment methods.  As well as the agreement, complete the “next-of-kin”, “informed consent”, and “religious objection to autopsy” documents.  This step is only available to subscribers/associate members.  We will of course assist with all the requirements of this step.
  3. And the third step is to plan the standby, stabilization and transportation (SST) typically through CryoPath, but you may use the organization of your choice.  If done through CryoPath, it is estimated that this will cost between $20,000 to $50,000 for a suspension within Australia. This is in addition to the $150,000 for the suspension arrangements with Southern Cryonics, but can also be covered by life insurance.

For a typical person the total cost through life insurance is about $1 to $2 /day.

Southern Cryonics Facility renderingArchitect's concept rendering of the Southern Cryonics facility - construction was finished in 2020 with stage 1, the warehouse section. This will be a fully functional cryonics facility. The front office part (stage 2) can be added at a later stage and is not critical to the operation. Opening was delayed until early 2023 due to Covid impacts.

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