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Ask Us Anything Meeting

We are approaching the Southern Cryonics start up soon so we thought it may be a good time to hold a Zoom Ask Us Anything meeting to discuss Cryonics.  Participating will be Philip Rhoades, Executive Officer of Cryonics Association of Australasia and Executive Director of Neural Archives Foundation and, myself, Peter Tsolakides, Chairman and Director […]

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Steps in joining

As we get closer to the opening date it may be useful to outline the steps in joining Southern Cryonics.   Once we are operating there will essentially be 3 steps: The first step is to become a subscriber/associate member of Southern Cryonics.  This will be a simple membership form, and a cost of $350 / […]

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Training Planned for January

Training, the final major requirement before start up is now scheduled for January.  We have had preliminary discussions with the key people involved in the Standby, Stabilization, and Perfusion training and are now planning to hold a training session for the professional people involved about mid January 2022.  We will be able to do it […]

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BioStasis 2021 conference

Very recently there was a worldwide cryonics conference called Biostasis 2021 and I was kindly asked to present there about our activities in Australia.  Initially, very early this year, I had thought of going but with all the Covid restrictions I decided it was better to do via video presentation.  Mine is about 30 minutes […]

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